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Kumamoto Castle
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By Air
Tokyo - Kumamoto
1hour 40 miniutes
Nagoya - Kumamoto
1hour 20 miniutes
Itami - Kumamoto
1hour 05 miniutes
Okinawa - Kumamoto
1hour 25 miniutes

By Land
Express bus
(Inside Kyushu)
Fukuoka - Kumamoto
Oita - Kumamoto
3hours 30 miniutes
Nagasaki - Kumamoto
Miyazaki - Kumamoto
(Inside Kyushu)
Hakata - Kumamoto
1hours 15 miniutes
Oita - Kumamoto
2hours 50 miniutes
Kagoshima - Kumamoto
(Kyushu Shinkansen )

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Kumamoto Castle

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Kumamoto Castle ( Kumamoto city ) Welcome
Kuamoto Castle

 Kumamoto Castle is one of the three most fameces castles in Japan.
 It was constructed by Kato Kiyomasa in 1607 who spent 7 long years to complete it.
  ・ a 400-Year history.
  ・ Musha-gaeshi
( 武者返し: 忍者や外敵への備え) 
  Musha-gaeshi make it inpossible to climb the castle tower.
  a device invented to prevent ninjas or external enemies from invading the castle during
  the war.Most surronding the castle utilize natural rivers,long walls , splendid stone
  Please look at the wall with it's black and white stone.

 (c) Copyright 2009 Kumamoto City Tourism Promotion Section
 This page include picuture of kumamotocity that has been published with the permission of
 Kumamoto City Tourism Promotion Section.

About Transportaion.
    One Day and Two Days pass
   Free ride is available for the City Bus and tram for one day and for two days.
 ・for limited zone( The price on 2009 )
  - Adult:500 yen Child: 250 yen (for one day)  
  - Adult:800 yen Child: 400 yen (for two days)
 ・For all lines
  - Adult:700 yen Child: 350 yen (for one day)
【Sold at】
  ・Kotsu Center Bus Terminal.
  ・Kumamoto City Transportaion Bureau.
  ・Kumamoto Station Tourist Information Desk and on the City buess and trams.

  Kumamoto Castle Loop Bus ( Kumamoto-jo Shuyu Bus)
  A one day pass for the loop busnding tourist attractions and main hotels.
 - Adult:300 yen Child:150 yen
【Sold at】
  ・Kotsu Center Buss Terminal.
  ・Kumamoto City Transportaion Bureau.
  ・Kumamoto Station Tourist Information Desk and on the City buss
   and on the Kuammoto-jo Shuyu Bus "Shiromegurin"
Fashion Street in Kumamoto City
Let's talk about our street who love to visit.
 Picture of Kami-tori (c) Copyright 2009 Kumamoto City Tourism Promotion Section

・ Kami-tori Shopping Arcade
 This street is made in the image of Orsay Museum in Paris.very popular as Shimo-tori Shopping Arcade
・Oaks Street
 On the west side of Kami-tori . There is a large oak tree and stores offering accessories as well as hotels
and boutiques

Picture of Shimo-Tori (c) Copyright 2009 Kumamoto City Tourism Promotion Section

・Shimo-Tori Shopping Arcade ( This arcade very long Roofed all weather shopping available )
 This shopping arcade offers a stores, boutiques, restaurants( Traditional Japanese foods, sushi , sashimi etc..
Indian, chinese, Italian, french many kind of . choice is yours)

 This street is famous as a hub of fashion. There are Unique fashion street in Japan.
 Who love to visit and live in Kumamoto
 Did you know Musashi Miyamoto ?
・Musashi Miyamoto
 He is very famous warrior who spent his final years in Kumamoto
 He sat in meditaion for 90 days at Reigando Cave and then he wrote

・Soseki Natsume
 He arrived Kumamoto 110 years ago Who is great japanese writer.
 He stay and teach at Goko( curentry Kumamoto Univ) during his 4 years.
 He published novel Kusamakura("Grass Pillow")

・Lafcadio Hearn ( a.k.a Koizumi Yakumo)
 He came to kumamoto for teach at Goko . He loved Japanese culture.
 He left works such as Natsuno Hino Yume( Dream of a summer day) and
 Omoideno Ki( A note of memory )

About festivals 
・ Hinokuni Festival ( Land-of-Fire Festival )
 The time : mid of Aust
 Many people attend the centerpice of the festival, Otemoyan dance which is
throughout the street. Many visitor every year.

・Castle Festival
 every season Castle Festival. include taiko drumming,singing of ballads etc...

 The Noh Thearter of Suizenji Jojuen on the first Saturday in August.
 You can see a ceremony at this place.